1 Disable online sales

  1. Log into your Seat Yourself dashboard.
  2. Click on the Per-Show Settings link in the Management panel of the dashboard.
  3. Make sure the production/performance combination you are canceling are visible in the dropdowns.
  4. Uncheck the Allow sales box. Remember to use the button at bottom to submit the update.
  5. Verify you have succeeded in disabling sales by clicking on the dashboard's View webstore as regular shopper link to see that you cannot buy tickets to the canceled performance

2a Email affected patrons

You need to notify all the patrons that the performance has been canceled, and that anyone who elects not to attend another performance or to donate the ticket price will get a refund. In our experience, reservations that need to be refunded are in the minority, especially if there is a makeup performance in the near future. Here is how to get a list of emails for the patrons:

  1. Log into your Seat Yourself dashboard.
  2. Click on the blue +rsvns button or the green +sales button in the Reports panel of the dashboard.
  3. Make sure the date range and matching field are set so that all the desired events are in the list.
  4. Click the light blue +emails button near the top.
  5. Follow the directions on the page that comes up to either send a message to the list of emails, or to re-send order links in the event that your events have been rescheduled.

For a single event, you can just use the blue emails button near the left end of the dashboard's line for the event.

2b Sample text for patron notification

All of the performances of XXXXXX are being postponed until a date sometime in the future. We hope that you will agree to let us hold your seats until that time, but it is your choice whether to do that, or to receive a refund (excluding fees, as noted on the checkout page and your receipt).

Please let us know if you are willing to donate the proceeds for your seats, with the understanding that if and when the events do take place, your donation will entitle you to reservations in the same seats you originally purchased. Otherwise, Seat Yourself will reverse the charge on your card, minus fees. We are hoping to get all your responses by YYYYY

3a Log a patron response

  1. Find the dashboard's line for an event containing the patron's seats.
  2. Click on the green sales button for the Sales report on that line.
  3. Click the Show dispositions link in the navigation bar, above right.
  4. The choices that appear in the dropdowns in the new leftmost column on each line correspond to the patron options.

Note that you are able to split the disposition of an order by performance, but not down to the level of individual seats.

3b Time saving shortcuts

You may know in advance that almost all the responses will be requests for refunds, with only a few exceptions offering to donate their seats. The way to save time in that situation is to change all the dispositions to REFUND, and then to find all the exceptions and change them to DONATE. The shortcut buttons at the bottom of the page will let you do that.

  1. Check the Enable buttons box in the red rectangle at the bottom of the report.
  2. Click the Refund all tickets button.
  3. Find the lines for the exceptions and use the dropdowns on those lines to change the disposition to REFUND