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Managing your account

Adding new events

Managing and selling seats



FAQs (for existing customers, with answers)

Managing your account

Login to my account

Go to our home page, and find the two login fields at the upper right. Type your account name in the account field, and your (case sensitive) password in the password field, and then click on the Login button.

Post the webstore link on my web site

Login as described just above, and you'll be on your Dashboard. Click the Webstore link for posting on your page link to get to the page with information about what link to post on your own site.

Publicize the event

The web page to publicize on posters and in emails is the school or theatre program site, not the address of the webstore. Here is an explanation of why it's better for you and your patrons if they get to the webstore via your own page instead of directly.

View reports

  • Reports that summarize information from multiple events are accessible via links in the second section of the dashboard. See this section of the dashboard documentation for more on those.
  • Reports on a single event are accessed via links on the line for that event in the Events section of the dashboard, and click here for more on those.
  • The legacy reports that the new reports will replace are still available while we gather feedback on what they had that the new reports are missing. You can access them by clicking on the Reports link near the top of the dashboard.

Change the graphic that shows at upper right

Click here to see how to change the graphic that shows at upper right..

Change general webstore settings

Click here to see how to tailor the webstore to your own preferences.

Change event-specific settings

The only event-specific setting you are likely to need is the Allow Sales checkbox in the Per-Show Settings tab. This controls whether the selected production (in the left side drop-down list) has on-line sales enabled. (Box office sales are always enabled.)

Contact us before trying to use the drop-down list on the right-hand side; this is used to enable/disable sales for individual performances, but it won't necessarily do what you think it will.

For all other settings, you should normally use the Webstore Settings tab. Contact us if you think you have exceptional needs.

Adding new events

Add new performances

Click here to see how to add productions and performances.

Change the dates or times of performances already listed

Click here to see how to change dates or times of performances already listed.

Set (and double-check!) ticket prices

Click here to see how to manage pricing.

Enable on-line sales for a new event

All new events are created with on-line sales turned OFF. Once you are sure that the associated information, and especially pricing, is correct, use the Allow Sales checkbox on the Per-Show Settings tab to enable on-line sales.

Always perform this test immediately after enabling online sales. This test is the best way to see exactly what your patrons will see when they try to buy tickets.

Managing and selling seats

Allocate seats between the webstore and the box office

Click here for general admission, or here for reserved seating, to see the appropriate crib sheet on the use of the seat manager.

Sell tickets from the box office

Click here for general admission, or here for reserved seating, to see the appropriate crib sheet on the use of the seat manager.

[Reserved Seating only] Exchange seats for an existing reservation

Click here to see the crib sheet on how to swap seats (Reserved Seating only).

[Reserved Seating only] Change section names (seat types), or move seats from section to section

Click here to see the crib sheet on how to edit seats (Reserved Seating only).


I can't log in - is the system down!?

Email us at support@seatyourself.biz and please remember to include your account name. If you don't have internet access, call our toll-free number, 844-540-4194. We don't guarantee 24/7 support, but we do work weekends, and especially when our customers have performances. More importantly, everyone here has a smartphone, and we get email and voicemail notifications promptly.

The link I put on my site doesn't seem to work.

It probably isn't exactly the link you can see on the Account Home tab. Here are the most common reasons for this problem:

  • The link isn't all lower case.
  • The link has a period or other punctuation at the end.
  • The link is missing the http:// at the beginning.
  • The link is one your webmaster got by copying from the browser address bar instead of what appears on your account home page, and what we sent in the original test drive setup email and the official go-live email. If the link starts https://tix.seatyourself.biz/webstore, it will work some of the time, but often not. It has to be http://www.seatyourself.biz/[your account name] to work.

I set up a new production, but no one can buy tickets online.

First, check the line for that event on the dashboard for any warnings. Hold your mouse over a specific warning for more details.

Here are the most common reasons for this problem:

  • All new productions are set up with online sales turned OFF, so that you can double check the times and prices before letting people buy. Go to the Per-Show Settings tab and click in the Allow Sales box to turn them on.
  • Someone may have turned online sales off for your entire webstore. Go to the Webstore Settings tab and click in the Enable Online Ticket Sales box to the them back on.
  • There are no prices for some or all of the ticket type/seat type combinations. Go to the Ticket Prices tab and make sure you have all the prices you want. It's OK if the column associated with the Removed seat type has no prices; those seats can't be sold anyway. You can click on the red Help link at upper right (all the manager pages have these) for help with using the tab.
  • All seats are allocated to the box office, and so none are allocated to the webstore for online sales. Use the Manage Seats tab to allocate seats to the webstore. You can click on the red Help link at upper right (all the manager pages have these) for help with using the tab.

I set up a new production, but performances from my last production are listed in the disbursement report.

You might have changed the name of an existing production on the Per-Show Settings tab, and then used the Schedule tab to add new performances to it. The way to add a new production is using just the Schedule tab; email us to see if we can fix it for you.

I set up a new production, but something went wrong - can I delete it?

You can't delete it, but you can cancel the performances. But don't do that without reading this note first.

Online sales are cutting off too early or too late.

The field on the Webstore Settings tab labeled How long before curtain ... should contain the hours and minutes before curtain that online sales should stop, NOT a clock time. And 6 means six minutes; use 6:00 for six hours.

Another potential problem is that you are overriding the general cutoff, set on the Webstore Settings tab, with a different cutoff set on the Per-Show Settings tab, which can override the general one for specific productions or performances.

The reservations report is not printing properly.

Some browsers, and especially Internet Explorer 6, will only print the reservations report properly if you put the printer into landscape mode. Look for a Properties button in the printer dialog box, and then for a Basics tab with a Landscape/Portrait control.

If it still doesn't work for you, consider trying the new version of that report.

A purchaser has lost the receipt.

See this section of the dashboard documentation You should also be getting copies of all receipts, to the email set on the Webstore Settings tab. We can help in a pinch, but it's better if purchasers communicate directly with you. If your email account is getting swamped, consider getting a new gmail account. They're free, and very easy to search for receipts by last name, phone number, or last 4 digits of the credit card.

How do I enter a new seat chart or venue address?

We have to do it for you, but only after you've entered the production that will use it Make sure you do not enable online sales for the new performances until after we've switched the chart and you've proofread it. You can fax the seat chart to 914-239-4803, or email a scanned version. For a new venue address, just email it to us.

How do I enter payment information so that you can disburse?

Click on the Payees on the dashboard. Here's more on that topic.

Can I manage my account from my iPhone?

Some people have had some success managing their Seat Yourself accounts from an iPhone or iPad. But we don't formally support either of those platforms. There can be problems getting all the right information on such a small screen, and bigger problems selecting the exact right element. So while we're happy when we hear of successes in this area, we can't help much with any difficulties.


Is there any way to add direct links to a specific date?

You can arrange to have the calendar open displaying a specific month by adding "?date=yyyy-mm-dd" to an alternate version of the standard link. For example, use
to get performances in June of 2012. The date doesn't have to be the actual date of a performance, but there must be nearby performances in order to display the calendar at that date.

Is there any way to add direct links to the events?

You can display only the events matching a particular string by adding "?event=string" to an alternate version of the standard link. For example, use
to get only your Sound of Music production, and nothing else. We don't recommend using this normally, since it means that the ticket buyer doesn't get a chance to see any of the other events you are offering.

Is there any way to send patrons directly to a checkout page for donations?

You can send patrons directly to the donation tab, where they can press an Add donation button. Use
to do that.

What can I do with the new QR codes I see on receipts?

You can scan them at the door using our new GateKeeper feature, to verify that the order is for the right performance and has not yet been scanned.

GateKeeper is available for iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones and tablets, using any one of a number of free or inexpensive QR code scanning applications.

See this note for more information. As is our general approach, both new and existing customers can test it in dry runs, well away from the actual door on the date of your event.