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Designed specifically for high school performing arts organizations.

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Simulate the on-line ticket purchasing process, and then see actual reports on your own activity before you commit to the service.


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We'll put in your performances and pricing, but credit card charging is simulated. Then you can sample the whole process.


COVID-related Tools and Tips

Seat Yourself® is supported entirely by a 50¢ surcharge paid by the ticket buyer with no cost to you (click for details). Our product is easy to set up and easy to administer — and there’s no software to install! Here's how it works:

You give us:

  • date, time and number of tickets to sell for each performance
  • ticket types and prices (e.g., Regular/$8, Student/$6.50)

We send you back:

  • a link to put on your website that says, “Click here to purchase tickets.”
  • a login and password to get reports on who bought tickets and how much money has come in.
  • a payment after each performance with the ticket proceeds.

There is no charge for setup, and no obligation is incurred.