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October 2020

Performance in the Time of COVID: Tools and Tips

We have released a set of new tools aimed at helping our customers cope with some of the challenges of both live and streamed performances in this difficult time. So far, we have seen live productions set up with capacity limits, or with minimum buffers between parties, or a combination of both. Some of our customers are selling tickets to virtual events, in a variety of different ways.

The most powerful of the new features include ways to automatically enforce social distancing rules during the shopping process, and to estimate the capacity of a venue in the presence of these rules. See this page for more information, but please don't hesitate to contact us directly via email to support@seatyourself.biz

October 2017

Price Codes

Account managers can now give out codes to select groups of patrons that allow them to buy tickets at discounted prices, or to sit in seats that are not available to the general public. See this page for more details, or buy (fake) tickets here. Use the code alumni to get a cheaper price or access to better seats, or leave it off to pay more or sit in back.

July 2017

New Main Shopping Page Deployed to All Accounts

We have deployed a major new release to all accounts. The upgrade is comprised of a new main shopping page along with a reworked preliminary receipt. The main advantage to the new webstore is that it was designed from the start to work well on phones and tablets with touch screens, as well as on PC screens with mice.

This release will provide a significant improvement tool for shoppers (43% of the total this year) who used tablets and phones, and not PCs.

The new webstore will was tested extensively over a period of three months before general deployment.

April 2017

New Main Shopping Page

We have begun pre-deployment testing of a major new release, comprised of a new main shopping page along with a reworked preliminary receipt. The main advantage to the new webstore is that it was designed from the start to work well on phones and tablets with touch screens, as well as on PC screens with mice.

This release will be a significant improvement for the 43% of shoppers who used tablets and phones, and not PCs, for this year's ticket purchases.

February 2016

New Manager Pages

We have deployed a new version of the Seat Yourself manager pages. The new version is better suited for use on smaller devices such as tablets and smartphones, and the ability to navigate between pages has been made much more flexible.

The new system has been built using Bootstrap, a set of tools created by a designer and developer at Twitter a few years ago. See this page for more on Bootstrap.

Websites you may recognize that also use this framework include:

  • NBA.com
  • Walmart
  • target.com

See this page for more on Bootstrap usage in the wider world.

December 2015

Reformatted documentation and a new field to search it

We have updated much of our online documentation, using tools that make the documentation easier to read on smaller devices, such as tablets and phones.

We added a search field to make it easier to navigate the help pages. The new field is at the top right of most manager pages, and will let you use keywords to search the documentation. Try typing request payment or add production to see how it works.

This also seems like the right time to call attention to a couple of more structured avenues into the help pages. Try the How to page to see our list of the most common topics people ask us about, and the Reports Organized by Use for a quick rundown of when to use which report.

March 2015

New reports and a reorganized dashboard to find them

Seat Yourself has just released five new reports. The old legacy reports will remain available while you give us feedback about what is missing from the new reports. Both the new reports and the legacy reports are accessible via links from the Dashboard, which has itself undergone a reorganization.


The new reports have a variety of advantages over the old one, including:

  • Information is available going back 18 months, uniformly across all reports.
  • Links to further details and other presentations of the data are embedded in the reports.
  • The display format adapts to all three device types used by our customers (computer, tablet, smartphone).
  • The reports run on separate servers from the webstores, and are not affected by high sales traffic during peak volume periods.

Click here for more information on the new Charge failures report, and here for more on the four new sales reports


The dashboard has been reorganized to suit devices other than a computer screen, and in particular, iPads and Android tablets.

  • The presentation is more compact, and reports now have internal links bothj to the other reports, and to the same report on different events.
  • A calendar has been added to give another means of accessing the reservations report without having to pour through what can be a long list of performances.
  • Tooltips (signaled via a dotted line under text) provide other information on demand without taking up permanent column width.

Click here for full information on the new dashboard.

September 2014

New tools for managing at-the-door sales

Seat Yourself has just released three new features to help you manage at-the-door sales:

  1. Credit card swiper support for door sales
  2. New Seat Chart display (on-screen and printed)
  3. Link on reserved seating receipts to seat locations in seat chart display

and a 4th one to help set up new productions, especially for accounts with multiple seat charts and/or venues:
  1. List of venues and seat charts used in the last year

Click here for details about all of these.

February 2014

Access Codes for Restricted Sales

Managers can set an access code so that only shoppers who have the code can buy tickets. Shoppers are intercepted and sent to a landing page with room for custom text. If the correct code is input, the shopper is allowed to proceed to the regular shopping pages.

A common use of these access codes is to let cast members buy tickets before opening general online sales.

September 2013

Seat Yourself Receives EdTA Standing Ovation Award for 2013

Seat Yourself was presented with the Educational Theatre Association’s Standing Ovation Award for 2013 at the EdTA Annual Conference in Minneapolis in September, 2013. Excerpts from the notification letter EdTA sent us are below.

When we developed the relationship between our two organizations, we felt that Seat Yourself’s online ticket sales platform would be a simple and easy way for our members to begin selling tickets online without major investment of time or money.

Our relationship has also yielded royalty payments that have funded the scholarships that we use to help fund students’ education after high school.

August 2013

Dashboard Accesses Both Legacy and New Manager Functions

The Seat Yourself Dashboard will soon be the landing page account managers get to after logging in, replacing the old Account Home tab. The Dashboard has links to the legacy manager pages, which must still be used for most management work, and also gives access to new features as they are released.

As the new features perform more and more of the functions of the legacy manager tools, hybrid access provided by the dashboard will allow our customers to choose their own pace of conversion to the new system, and to give us feedback about the new tools while they still have access to the old ones.

Current customers can get to the dashboard by clicking on this link.
Dashboard documentation is provided here.

June 2013

Social Media Links on Processed Orders

Seat Yourself now offers an easy way for purchasers to notify their friends and followers about their reservations. The icons at the upper right of the order let purchasers share information about reservations with facebook friends, google+ circles, twitter followers, and others.

Information shared includes a link to the page that shows at the upper right of your webstore, which you set via the Webstore Settings tab. Including this link makes it easy for friends of the purchasers to join them at the event.

No information whatsoever is shared about the purchase unless the purchaser gives specific permission.

May 2013

New GateKeeper Feature for QR code Scanning

The feature lets ushers scan the QR codes printed on receipts, to verify that the order is for the right performance and has not yet been scanned.

GateKeeper is available for iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones and tablets, using any one of a number of free or inexpensive QR code scanning applications.

Email info@seatyourself.biz if you'd like more information about GateKeeper. As is our general approach, both new and existing customers can to test it in dry runs, well away from the actual door on the date of your event.