Credit card security is one of our highest priorities. To this end, Seat Yourself goes beyond accepted industry standards in this regard, as detailed below.

First, no financial information is transmitted in the clear. All charging transactions are encrypted using the industry standard https protocol.

In addition, we are required by the terms of our credit card merchant account to be PCI compliant. The PCI Security Standards Council website will give you more information about PCI compliance.

Seat Yourself goes well beyond PCI compliance, in that we do not store credit card account numbers, except for the last 4 digits, and we do not store the CVV code. Instead, we pass this information to, and immediately erase the information from our servers. What this means is that there is no financially sensitive information stored on our servers; in the unlikely event of a breach, no such information is even present to be compromised. is a subsidiary of Cyber Source, which is in turn a subsidiary of Visa Inc. Here is the website. passes the information on to Heartland Payment Systems, the company that holds our credit card merchant account. Heartland is a subsidiary of Global Payment Systems, a US Fortune 500 company that is one of the largest payment processors in the world.

Please feel free to email us at with any further questions.